Our Food

How many meals can I choose from each week?

There are 5 main meals to choose from each week, along with optional sides and a healthy treat. You’re free to try them all or stock up on a favourite! There’s no minimum quantity required to place an order. There will be 2 salad based meals (fresh only) and 3 vegetable based meals (freezable) to choose from each week.

When does the menu change?

On a weekly basis. The menu items will be changed over between 5 and 6pm every Monday, ready for the next ordering cycle. We currently have 24 meals, 3 sides, and 3 healthy treats in total (with 5 meals, all sides and 1 treat available each week) so you’ll have lots of variety but also get to see your favourites return every few weeks.

What’s your nutrition philosophy?

Our nutrition principles are based around the ancestral health model and our motto is simple – eat real food. As a population we’re not eating anywhere near enough antioxidant rich, nutrient dense vegetables and fruits. We believe the majority of your meals should be built around a base of fibrous vegetables and rounded out with a moderate amount of protein and a healthy dose of high quality, anti-inflammatory fats.

Refined sugar is OUT – it’s void of nutrients, spikes your insulin, and encourages cravings and fat storage. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Where’s all the pasta and sandwiches?

Not here! Bread, cereal, pasta, rice…all processed carbs that boomed after the agricultural revolution and were designed to feed the masses cheaply. Modern science has come a long way and fortunately many of the old nutrition guidelines like the food pyramid have been turned on their heads. The last thing you need to ‘eat most’ is grains and cereals! There is literally no such thing as a grain deficiency either.

Everything you need can be gained from delicious real foods. Where will you get your fibre from? The vegetables, salads, and healthy starches that are usually missing or sadly lacking in a grain-based diet.

Are the meals all fresh?

Sure are! The meals are cooked on Sunday afternoon ready for packaging and delivery Monday morning between 9am and 12pm. We don’t bulk up your food with a bunch of nasty ingredients, preservatives, sugar, excess salts or gases to give it a longer shelf life or make it pretend to be something it’s not.

We recommend consumption within 2 days of delivery or pop them in the freezer. Plan to enjoy your salads earlier in then week while they’re fresh for this reason.

Can I freeze meals for later?

Absolutely. Unless it’s a salad (hopefully that goes without saying). We suggest you enjoy your salads earlier in the week and pop any meals to be consumed more than 2 days after delivery in the freezer. You can defrost and reheat at your convenience.

How long will the food stay fresh for?

We recommend consuming within 2 days of delivery to guarantee freshness. 3 of the 5 menu items each week will be freezable so there’s plenty of options and you won’t be limited by the fresh factor.

We don’t bulk up your food with a bunch of nasty ingredients, preservatives, sugar, excess salts or gases to give it a longer shelf life or make it pretend to be something it’s not. Pop any meals you don’t plan to consume in 2 days in the freezer (excluding salads).

How do I reheat my meals?

We recommend defrosting in the fridge overnight, and then heating in the microwave, or transferring to an oven-safe dish and reheating the old fashioned way. As all microwaves are different, please test after 2 minutes at first and continue in small increments if required.

All containers & lids containing freezable meals are microwave safe. The clear plastic lids over salads are not. But hopefully you’re not going to try and heat a salad.

Are the meals Paleo…Primal…Gluten Free...Low Fat...Low Carb…Keto…LCHF…Nut Free…Dairy Free…Pescatarian…Vegetarian…Vegan???

Woah, it’s a jungle out there! No wonder people experience overwhelm with regard to good nutrition and don’t know where to start. These are great questions but, unless you have a particular intolerance or food allergy, don’t overthink it. We’re not here to align ourselves with any particular eating style, label, or ‘diet’. This is simply good, clean, real food that your insides will know and your outsides will show. It’s nourishment. To go! If you want further clarification though, read on.

Paleo? This simply means grain/legume free, dairy free, industrialised oil free, soy free and refined sugar free. Paleo meals are comprised of meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and other naturally derived healthy fats and oils like coconut oil, olives and avocado. Real food. Health & wellness are optimised here for a lot of people. Some of the meals are paleo and have a ‘P’ icon in the description.

Primal? This is the same as paleo but includes small amounts of high fat dairy and is sometimes a little looser on the legumes, particularly if they’re sprouted. Health and wellness are optimised here for a lot of people. Some of the meals are primal and they have a ‘PR’ icon in the description.

Gluten free? We use only gluten free ingredients in our meals as it is a known gut irritant, however it is our duty of care to confirm that the kitchen is used to prepare other meals containing gluten. If you have a serious allergy to gluten it is your choice whether to order our meals or not – we are unable to guarantee there is no trace of gluten. All meals are marked with a ‘GF’ icon.

Low fat? Not particularly! High quality fat sources from real food like olives, avocado, coconut and nuts in addition to animal fats are essential to keep our cell walls healthy, form the myelin sheath around our nerves, absorb vitamins A D E & K, keep us feeling full, keep our energy levels stable, condition our hair/skin/nails, and they’re hormonally neutral which means they don’t cause the release of insulin which encourages fat storage….need we go on? Fat is your friend.

Low carb? Low as compared to…? Just kidding. It’s an extremely broad brush to paint with though. For our purposes, let’s think of it as less than 30% of the meal’s calories being from carbohydrate. Most of our meals are naturally low carb due to the exclusion of cheap filler ingredients (which often tend to be processed carbs that will spike your insulin) and the inclusion of nutrient dense vegetables and salads that are naturally low glycaemic and high fibre. Some meals do incorporate sweet potato, quinoa or buckwheat pasta, all of which are wonderful dense non-grain sources of carbohydrate. We also provide optional sides if you’d like to alter the macros of your meal and increase the carb content. Low carb meals (where less than approximately 30% of the calories come from carbohydrates) are marked with an ‘LC’ icon.

Keto? This depends on how rigid your parameters are and if you’re legitimately aiming to be in nutritional ketosis – which in lay terms is a natural metabolic state where the body and brain use ketones for fuel instead of carbs (glucose) and the ketones have come from burning fat. Many people claim they’re ‘keto’ but in reality their overall intake is nowhere near 75% fat on a regular basis. Having a ‘low carb’ meal doesn’t mean it’s keto. Keto refers to a high fat (70-80%), low carb (5-10%) and low-moderate protein (15-20%) diet. It can have some extremely positive and therapeutic effects on health, however not all people thrive here and it’s very easy to ‘do it wrong’ and potentially end up deficient in various vitamins and minerals, less metabolically flexible, or experiencing an electrolyte imbalance among other things. Some of our low carb meals are acceptable for those following a ketogenic diet, however they weren’t designed for that specific purpose so for that reason, no ‘K’ icons.

LCHF? This means ‘low’ carb, ‘high’ fat (and ‘moderate’ protein). There are no rigid parameters and it’s a very broad term taken to mean different things by different people. Let’s just say it’s nowhere near as strict as Keto, and essentially just refers to a diet where clearly more fat is consumed than carbohydrate by % of overall calories, or where daily carb consumption is capped at around 100-120g or below. Fat is still being used as a fuel (although not exclusively) and appetite control, body composition change, fat adaptation when training and metabolic flexibility are commonly experienced. Health and wellness are optimised here for a lot of people. Due to the flexible parameters of LCHF, we’ve chosen not to mark any of our meals with an icon.

Nut free? Some meals do contain nuts. Unless you have an allergy, this is a great thing as nuts are extremely nutritious and packed with healthy fats and proteins. Meals that are nut free are marked with the icon ‘NF’ however please be aware that we cannot guarantee there will be no trace of nuts as they are used in other meals in our kitchen.

Lactose Free? Lactose is milk sugar. Some of the meals have small amounts of high fat dairy, for example parmesan cheese, sour cream, or butter, and we also have a dressing that contains probiotic-rich natural yoghurt. These would be classed as Primal meals. They do contain lactose, however this is very low in the high fat dairy items. Many meals have no dairy at all. Dairy is not something we encourage as being a huge part of your diet – some people find it congesting or experience bloating. If this is you, or you’re Lactose intolerant, opt for the ‘DF’ meals!

Pescatarian, Vegetarian, or Vegan? While we respect it’s a personal choice how anyone chooses to nourish their body and why, we are unable to fully cater to vegetarians or vegans at this time. There is currently one vegetarian meal (Roast Vegetable Frittata), and a few that would suit Pescatarians (Spicy Tuna Cakes, Salmon Sushi Bowl, Tuna Tomato & Seed Salad). Essentially however, we are strongly aligned with the Ancestral Health model and we believe meat, fish and eggs to be part of healthy diet. Humans have been eating this way for more than 2 million years.

What’s the go with portion sizes?

We offer a small and a large size of each meal. Generally women are suited to the small and men are suited to the large. But hey, whatever works for you and your lifestyle.

What if I want more carbs for an active day or post-workout?

We’ve got you covered. We offer side serves of energy boosting sweet potato and quinoa which are both wonderful nutritious high-density carbohydrates. Great for post training, active lifestyles or simply to bulk up your meal if you so desire. The meals are completely fine to have on their own though – the sides are simply an optional extra.

Is the packaging environmentally friendly?

It sure is. Rather than opting for the cheapest plastic takeaway containers, we’ve insisted upon eco friendly biodegradable and compostable packaging. Our dream of providing nourishing, clean meals was never going to be at the expense of the environment if we could help it!

Why is it more expensive than some other ready meal services I've seen?

Because we don’t use cheap filler ingredients. If you want cheap and nasty you’ve come to the wrong place. We refuse to serve bland food, we only cook using wholefood ingredients and we don’t bulk up your food with a bunch of nasty ingredients, preservatives, sugar, excess salts or gases to give it a longer shelf life or make it pretend to be something it’s not. You can’t put a price on optimal health.

Another reason is…Broome. We may live in paradise, but being so remote means that does come with a price tag sometimes. We appreciate you keeping your funds within the local community by supporting local business!


Is there a minimum order?

Nope! You can order as little or as much as you like. This could simply be a one-off treat, your weekday lunches sorted, dinners to have waiting for you at the end of a busy work day, time saving options to pull put of the freezer on the weekend when you’ve got better things to be doing than prepare healthy meals, or all of the above!

What is the cutoff time for orders?

5pm Monday’s for delivery the following Monday between 9am – 12pm. Reminders and dates are throughout the Nourishment To Go pages, and you’ll see a countdown clock on the beautiful image of the purple cabbage when shopping ‘This Week’s Menu’.

How long do I have to order my meals?

As soon as the menu is changed over each week (between 5pm & 6pm every Monday) you’ll have until 5pm the following Monday to place your order. Reminders and dates will always be throughout the Nourishment To Go pages.

Can I mix and match meal sizes?


Do I have to be a member of Natural Edge to order meals?

Not at all. Nourishment To Go is open to everyone in Broome!

Is there a lock-in contract?

Nope. We offer a buy-as-you-go service that is as flexible as you are. You can order every week, once a month, a few times a year, it’s up to you.

What if I miss the order cutoff?

Orders must be placed and completed prior to 5pm each Monday (for delivery the following Monday) or we will be unable to service your order. The store will temporarily close while menu items are changed between 5pm and 6pm every Monday, after which time orders will reopen with new menu items for the next delivery cycle.

We will always state the order cut-off time and respective delivery date throughout the Nourishment To Go pages.

Can I purchase a Gift Certificate without ordering any meals?

Yes! Gift Certificates are available for purchase at any time. You will be provided with a Coupon Code and this can be entered by the recipient at Checkout when they use their awesome gift.


How much does delivery cost?

Delivery in our refrigerated van to anywhere in Broome, Cable Beach, Djugun and Bilingurr (including Lullfitz Drive & 4 Mile but not including Coconut Wells or 12 Mile) is $15. The fee is flat rate so it’s up to you what size order you would like to place. You will not be charged additional delivery fees for larger orders.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to homes, workplaces and holiday accommodation anywhere in Broome, Cable Beach, Djugun and Bilingurr (including Lullfitz Drive & 4 Mile but not including Coconut Wells or 12 Mile). If you’re choosing your workplace and plan on eating you first meal that day for lunch, don’t forget to pack your cutlery!

Please also ensure there will be enough fridge/freezer space for your meals at your workplace or holiday accommodation. If delivery is to your workplace, you may wish to provide your own esky/cooler bag with ice bricks to be sure your food stays fresh until you get home.

What time will my meals arrive?

Meals will be delivered between 9am and 12pm every Monday. We are unable to specify an exact time within that window, or guarantee delivery at a specific time if requested. The order of delivery is based on the most efficient route servicing all locations.

What’s the deal with public holidays?

There will be no deliveries on Public Holidays. Where a public holiday falls on a Monday, all deliveries will be on a Tuesday between 9am and 12pm.

Do I have to be there to receive the order?

Yes! This is why we offer delivery to your home OR work. We are happy to leave your delivery with reception staff if requested in the ‘Notes about your order’ section at Checkout. We can’t promise they won’t eat some though, it’s pretty tasty. Please ensure your meals are popped straight in a fridge or freezer. If you’re at work and there’s any chance there may not be enough fridge space for your order, we suggest you take a cooler bag/esky with ice bricks to ensure meals stay fresh until you get home.

What if I’m not going to be home?

Orders are intended to be received at the time of delivery. However, if you know you’re not going to be home, or you’re going to be popping out during the delivery window, we suggest you leave an esky with ice bricks in a safe, shaded location at your house (must be specified in the ‘Notes about your order’ section at Checkout).

We do not recommend meals be left in esky’s for any length of time in the Broome heat and we are unable to take responsibility for the deterioration of any meals not received in person. Theft is also a real issue so please choose this option at your own risk.